To take the mick

To take the mick expression

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As I heard a colleague saying to another colleague, ‘Are you taking the mick*?’ today and I instantly reached for pen and paper. A close relative of this expression is ‘to take the piss‘, as in ‘Are you taking the piss?’ Both of them mean ‘to make fun out of somebody or something or trying to annoy them in a funny way’.

– He was taking the mick of her new haircut and she just burst into tears.

– A funny spoof has popped up on YouTube taking the mick out of Sky One documentary Ross Kemp in Afghanistan (The Guardian).

– Richard Dawkins takes the piss out of Pope Ratzinger in London on Saturday (The Guardian).

– …and like most people he uses the opportunity to take the piss out of David Beckham (The Guardian).

* This can also be written as ‘take the mickey / Mickey’.

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One thought on “To take the mick

  1. […] come up with the idiom, of course, but he reminded me of it. To cut a long story short, he was taking the mickey out of his co-presenter, Matt Everitt, saying that he might have a part-time job at ‘to keep […]

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