To iron out

iron out meaning

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I heard this phrasal verb from our gym instructor, which makes me think that sport can be good for you in more than one way! She said something along the lines of ‘We are going to do a new dance routine today, but I’ve only taught it once so far and there are a few things to iron out‘.

According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary, it means ‘to remove problems or find solutions’.

Here are some examples in other contexts:

– They’re meeting in Berlin to iron out the final details of the contract (MacMillan Dictionary).

– K-19 was a real Russian nuclear submarine, launched in 1961. In Kathryn Bigelow’s movie, it is launched too soon, under political pressure, which means that tiny details like drips, fuses, and nuclear reactors have yet to be ironed out (New Yorker).

–  The Fed could be preparing a more aggressive approach to easing but wants to see a bit more data or take a bit more time ironing out the new policy before deploying it (The Economist).

– US secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov are due to meet in St Petersburg today in a bid to iron out deep differences over the transition plan, according to AP (The Guardian).

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