To cut off

to cut off meaning

Today I spent a good few hours talking on the phone trying to resolve my visa issues. I noticed that while talking on the phone, not being able to see each other, more often than not you start talking at exactly the same moment, and this is what was happening to me during one of the conversations. At some point the other person said ‘Sorry, I keep cutting you off‘, which I immediately noted down together with the information I actually needed from him.

This phrasal verb has several meanings, but in this case it would mean ‘to prevent somebody from speaking’.

More examples:

– Don’t cut me off when I’m talking (MacMillan Dictionary).

– In the middle of her sentence, the teacher cut her off short (The Free Dictionary).

– He cut her off and went on to another subject (Oxford Dictionary).

– Emma cut him off in mid-sentence (Longman Dictionary).

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