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Today being a surprisingly sunny (given yesterday’s flood and armageddon-weather warnings) day I decided I absolutely had to get outside despite the unprecedented amount of work. So I headed for one of Leicester’s nicest cafes to work from there. Apart from its cosy atmosphere and decent food, its biggest selling point is perhaps Daisy, their dog-in-residence. Despite being generally well-behaved, Daisy is in the habit of looking at customers in a particular way, suggesting she wouldn’t mind having something to eat. I overheard one of the staff telling her off with ‘Stop scrounging!’ and here you go, the word for today sorted!

With me you don’t even need to scrounge for examples – here they are:

– Free easy money: how to scrounge off the parents (

– How to scrounge up a summer sandwich. More often than not during the hot days of summer — not nearly as hot in Maine as Washington, of course — I tend to scrounge up what I can and layer it between slices of bread. When I’m feeling particularly ambitious, I’ll grill it (Washington Post)

– For now, the FDA and firms are scrounging for solutions. Eight times in the past two years the agency has allowed the import of drugs unapproved in America but used safely elsewhere (Economist).

– Colleges scramble to scrounge up financial aid (

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