Wishful thinking

wishful thinking idiom meaning

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Last week I overheard two ladies at work discussing how they got up thinking that it was Friday only to realize in a couple of seconds that it was still Thursday. They called it ‘wishful thinking‘. I often have such episodes too, especially with this job. What can I say… sometimes waking up to reality can be rather harsh.

Here are some examples of what wishful thinking can be about:

– Many green ideas have been exposed as wishful thinking by the realities of life in Africa (BBC).

– Valentine’s day is thought to be the day that birds pair up for the breeding season but that may be wishful thinking on the part of romantic humans (BBC).

– Do you think you might be in line for promotion, then? ‘No, it’s just wishful thinking.’ (The Free Dictionary)

– Wishful thinking guides today’s federal energy policymakers (The Washington Times).

– The two nominees which get closest to good old-fashioned Hollywood entertainment are “Silver Linings Playbook” and “Argo”, but in both cases there seems to be an element of wishful thinking to the acclaim that’s been heaped upon them (The Economist).

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