Are you good for time?

are you good for time meaning usage

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Today I went to an interview at a recruitment agency and the moment I walked in I was handed a heap of paperwork to fill in. The agent asked politely ‘Are you good for time?’ I could only say ‘yes’, really, and started scribbling down the list of my employers, strengths and weaknesses. I don’t know whether I’ll get the job, but at least there’s going to be a nice addition to this blog. There’s another phrase involving ‘good’ which I’d dwell on later.

Here are a few examples of this colloquial expression:

– A: Only a couple more questions, are you good for time?

B: Yeah I can answer a few more! (

– Ok, I’m GMT so 11:10pm here. Probably be on for about an hour or so once I get on that is. I’ve got a few side missions ready to go (mostly about 7k+ XP reward). Are you going to need to get off at any point or are you good for time? (

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