A stitch

I was thinking whether I’ve heard any worthy words or expressions to write about today and couldn’t really think of anything. However, as I was relaying the events of my not entirely uneventful day to my partner, I found the perfect candidate.

Earlier today I decided to try the Body Combat class at the gym – with hindsight this might not have been such a good idea though, considering that I badly scraped my car while trying to squeeze into a space in the car park. Oh well. The class proved not as tricky as I thought, but I did get some pain in my side, to which the instructor said somewhat dismissively ‘It’s just a stitch, come on’.

I don’t think stitch requires a definition (it’s a pain you sometimes get when running or doing other exercise) or examples. But here is a brief explanation of why it occurs.

Surprisingly, the class  wasn’t as intense as I hoped and I’m not entirely sure whether I’ll go there again. Somehow I feel more ‘at home’ doing yoga than punching the air (or an imaginary arch-enemy). But hey, the new word was worth it (not so sure about the car).

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2 thoughts on “A stitch

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