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good and proper meaning usage

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The other day I was walking back to my car from the gym, when I saw two slightly drunk guys (mind you, it was 11 in the morning!) approaching my car and upon seeing the dent and scratches on the door exclaiming ‘He smashed it good and proper!’ And when they saw me getting into the poor car they added ‘Ah, it was that girl!’ Maybe they even said ‘That explains it!’

Anyway, after that traumatic experience I stopped using the car park thinking that £1.5 save me a lot of worrying – and time and petrol, come to think of it, if you don’t need to go up 11 levels in the car park and then down again.

The meaning of ‘good and proper‘ is to ‘do something completely and with a lot of force’ (The Free Dictionary) or sometimes it can just mean ‘completely’. However, it can also mean ‘socially and morally acceptable’.

–  The table is broken good and proper (Cambridge Online Dictionary).

– Because of course once in the EU, the Greek Cypriots made no effort to negotiate with the Turks, screwing the EU good and proper (The Economist).

– On 10 Years Younger they humiliate you, slice you open and stitch you up good and proper (The Guardian).

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