I need it yesterday!

i need it yesterday phrase

The other day I was watching an episode of ‘Lie to me’ (it’s what other people were doing 3 years ago) and one of the characters, a big boss, was telling somebody ‘I need it yesterday!’ This phrase caught my attention not so much because it was new, but because there is exactly the same phrase in Russian, but I’ve stopped assuming that similar phrases should necessarily exist in other languages.

Somehow translations turn out to be the thing that the clients often forget about or leave until the very last moment, subsequently calling a translator or an agency and saying that they need it yesterday. Isn’t it sweet?

Here are some more examples of the usage:

– Does this ever happen to you? Your client calls and says ‘we need this done immediately – right now – like, yesterday!’ And you’re up to your eyeballs in other work. You don’t want to let your client down because the relationship is important and you don’t want to say yes because you’re really manic (Badlanguage.net).

– I need you to fill out this document, Johnson, and I need it yesterday. No time to waste on this — in fact, even the fastest you do this won’t be fast enough. I need it on my desk yesterday. You might be thinking I’m saying that I need this document yesterday as an idiomatic expression, Johnson. You might be thinking that I’m asking for it tomorrow, or even in a couple hours. You might be thinking that, but you’d be dead wrong. I need it yesterday (Brownjugmag.com).

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