To double-bag

double-bag verb meaning usage

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First, I apologize for neglecting this blog a little bit – it was a combination of looking for work, too much work, holidays and other stuff that just tends to happen all at the same time.

Second, there’s a new word I wanted to share. The other day my husband and I popped into a supermarket to get some food to celebrate his new job (and a dream job at that!). The guy at the till managed to stuff everything into one bag, but as I tried to lift it the bag seemed perilously heavy. So he asked ‘Shall I double-bag it for you?’ That seemed like a reasonable thing to do, considering there were two bottles of wine that I was reluctant to lose.

The meaning should be pretty clear – you just use two bags instead of one to hold your shopping. Just in case. Dividing it between the two bags would work equally well, though!

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