Apps for learning phrasal verbs

cambridge phrasal verbs apps

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Being quite a fan of online dictionaries, I try to alternate between two-three of my favourite for a change. Today I turned to the Cambridge Online Dictionary and started browsing other tabs on the website. I came across the Apps section, which had two free apps for learning phrasal verbs, which I rushed to install on my phone.

They are The Phrasal Verbs Machine and Phrasalstein. Both feature superb graphics, surprisingly good music and about 100 phrasal verbs each. You can either browse phrasal verbs and see short and witty videos and examples illustrating the meaning or choose an Exercises tab to try and guess the meaning. I could instantly see the amount of hard work that gone into developing these apps and it’s great that they are free. What’s more, you can view translations into other languages – French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Italian – or simply view a definition in English. What a treat for a polyglot!

I recommend these apps to anyone looking to brush up on their phrasal verbs or to learn some more!




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot, dear Julia, for all the three December posts. Misha

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