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Snuggly / to snuggle

snuggly meaning

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My today’s linguistic catch is an incredibly useful word and I don’t think I’ve used it a lot so far – however, it might come in very handy in this sort of winter weather (even if British winters are generally rainy rather than snowy). A shop assistant said she loved my scarf and said it was ‘very snuggly‘ (you might think I was shopping for clothes, but in fact I went to buy a new frying pan).

There’s also a verb ‘to snuggle‘, meaning to put yourself into a warm, comfortable, safe position, for example by sitting with your body against someone else’s body or by sliding your body down under the covers on a bed (a bit of a lengthy definition from MacMillan Dictionary, this one, but you get the idea).

Just one more example sentence:

– What I love about this time of year is snuggling down with a really good book (The Guardian) – this one is about me!

Apart from ‘snuggling down‘, you can ‘snuggle up to somebody’ and ‘snuggle with somebody’.

And another picture – after all, a picture is worth a thousand words:

to snuggle meaning

Photo credit: athomeinlove.com

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