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How to get around to… publishing a guest post

get around to it a round tuit phrase

Photo credit: thingsforgottenantiques.

Today’s post is from a fellow translator and linguist, Zsofia Forro, who kindly offered to contribute to this blog, and I love the post she came up wit. Enjoy!

‘I really love puns. A pun is a joke based on a word (or group of words) sounding like another one and creating humour from that unexpected similarity. Many people frown upon puns, especially if they grew up with English as their native language, because puns are a bit simple and some people think they’re not hugely funny. Few people perfect it to an art form, and they always turn up here and there.

The expression I want to introduce today is ‘to get around to doing something‘. If you are very busy you might promise to call people, or write or do something some time later, ‘when you can get around to it‘.

There is a solution for this. All you need is ‘a round tuit‘ (like the one on the picture above). Then you’ll be ready to do everything you’ve been putting off, because you will finally be able to get ‘a round tuit!’

Some examples of ‘getting around to it‘:

– [Procrastinators] do marginally useful things, like gardening or sharpening pencils (…) when they get around to it (structuredprocrastination.com).

– Every year, I come up with ideas for posts that I never get around to writing (theunemployedphilosophersblog.wordpress.com). 

– I’ll get in shape and pay my bills just as soon as I can get around to it (en.wikibooks.org)’.

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