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Websites: Woodwardenglish.com

woodwardenglish learning english resources

Photo credit: woodwardenglish.com

I’ve been planning for a while to start writing about the resources – websites, dictionaries and apps – that I use or just stumble upon and that should be helpful for English learners (myself included). This is going my first one.

I stumbled upon this website as I was searching for the explanations and examples of differences between ‘fun’ vs. ‘funny’.

I think it’s a brilliant resource for learners of intermediate to advanced levels with some very good visuals, such as this Cooking Vocabulary or Daily Routines cartoon (for elementary / intermediate level), or even Do vs. Make usage.

One of the most helpful posts is probably 7 tips for learning new vocabulary. I agree wholeheartedly with this strategy and I’ve been using it myself, especially the flashcards. More on them later.

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